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Barry E. Schapiro, M.D.

Dr. Barry E. Schapiro specializes in arthroscopic knee, shoulder, hip, ankle and wrist surgery, as well as complex ligament reconstruction and total knee, hip, and shoulder replacement surgery.

Meet Dr. Schapiro

Dr. Schapiro has comprehensive training in orthopedic traumatology and management of extremity trauma and fractures. He specializes in arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle and wrist. Dr. Schapiro also has extensive experience in total joint replacement surgeries of the knee, hip, and shoulder as well as complex ligament reconstruction.

Using advanced cartilage and joint preserving techniques and minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Schapiro is a highly sought after, double board-certified orthopedic surgeon. When Dr. Schapiro is not in surgery or with patients, he spends his time educating medical students as an associate clinical professor.  

Throughout his career, he has been presented awards and professional accolades for his advanced skills and techniques. But his most prized commendations have come from his patients and seeing their success. 


Dr. Schapiro was born and raised in South Florida and embraces the cultural diversity of the region. Dr. Schapiro specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques and arthroscopy of the knee, shoulder, wrist, and ankle as well as complex ligament reconstruction, joint replacement surgery of the knee, hip, and shoulder and fracture treatment, having received his trauma training at the premier Level I Trauma Center in Detroit.

"Dr. Schapiro is the most competent and caring surgeon I've ever dealt with. He fixed my knee problem, I highly recommend him to anyone that needs an orthopedic surgeon"

- Loretta S.

Image by Steven Lelham

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